Keep On Trustin'

Noah was a man of God, so we’re told.
He built him an ark when he was growin’ old.
Three hundred cubits long,
And fifty cubits high.
When Noah looked up
There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.
His neighbors did scoff,
His neighbors did laugh.
They said, “Looka there now he’s got a giraffe!”
But he stood firm and he kept his ground.
He wasn’t about to be the first one to drown.
Keep on trustin’, God’s gonna see you through.
Well, Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego,
Could have been hot stuff in the furnace ya know.
They wouldn’t bow down
When the king rang his gong.
They said, “We wanna sing to a different song.”
The king said, “Bow!”
The trio said, “No!”
The king said, “It’s into the furnace you go,
‘Cause you’ve done me wrong,
And we’re short on fuel.”
In spite of the heat ya know they kept their cool!
Paul and Silas, now there was a pair.
They preached the Gospel almost anywhere.
A jail to them,
Was often their home.
Seems they didn’t have many big fans in Rome.
They threw them away
In a Philippian jail.
Along about midnight they started to wail;
Singin’ “Praise the Lord!”
They shook that town.
Before it was all over they brought the whole house down.