Not So Cheap Thrills

You’ve got in your head
That you can’t get out of bed
Without lightin’ a match to your future.
And as the smoke is goin’ down
And your mind is spinnin’ round
‘Bout the worries of the day that confuse ya.
You cough awhile, and you seat awhile,
And you worry what ya gonna do?
Now don’t tell me it’s not hurtin’ you,
I used to lie there too.
So, you’re lookin’ for a thrill
In that green and purple pill
And the woman who belongs to your brother,
And if the thrill goes away
No matter what ya gotta pay
Your’re gonna get it back one way or the other.
Cheap thrills won’t last my friend
Come on and listen to the news.
And when the Lord comes in the end
You know you’re gonna pay your dues.
Take off those rosy glasses my friend
See it like it is.
The only things that last in this life,
Are those of His.
So, if you’re flyin’ round the world
With your carnal wings unfurled
You’re headed in the wrong direction.
God’s got a better way
There’s no price you have to pay
Cause Jesus is our Holy connection.
The feelings I get with Jesus
The world could never supply.
What do I want with cheap thrills,
When the Lord can me high?