unsorted thoughts from Jonathon Anderson (old posts, page 3)

After the wharf

Via divine providence, as the sun set, on the horizon was a Barnes & Noble… with an attached World Market… and free wifi.

the 1up offices

I made it to 1up. Met Jeremy Parish, Tina Sanchez, “Scooter,” Justin Haywald, and (I think) one of the tech guys who’s name I cannot remember.

It was pretty cool. It’s difficult, in that kind of situation, to not pretend like you know these people at all. I knew who most of them were already, whether from podcasts, articles, or otherwise, but the last thing I wanted to do was weird people out by responding with, “Yes, I already know your name.”

Oh, by the way: I was wearing a suitjacket when I visited the offices. Before the attendant let me up the elevator he asked me if I was going to pull any “matrix stuff” out of my jacket.

If only he had considered that my name is Mr. Anderson.

Clipper card

With a Walgreens just outside the train station, I am now the owner of my own clipper card.

Now to find something to do.

MobileOrg for journaling

I suppose that now is as good a time as any to point out that I’m using mobileorg’s capture feature to take these notes. The asyncronous syncing of the system should make it relatively easy to port these notes back into a desktop when I return (albeit via my slice). The plaintext format leaves me feeling in control of the content, too.

There will be a bit of an impedance mismatch between org and markdown, but it shouldn’t be too bad. Who knows: I might even be able to automate the process.

On the train

…and now I’m on the train, ready to go. The volunteer tourism caller guy was actually really helpful. He may not have known anything about the clipper system, but he was able to point me in the right direction and repeated the terribly distorted departure announcement.

On my way into San Francisco

Cory and Narayan have dropped out so I guess I’m doing this trip on my own. I’m glad that I had the motivation to stick to the trip alone. That is rare enough on it’s own.

I’ve got a Caltrain ticket for the next ride in at 12:10. I don’t know much about where it will drop me so hopefully there will be good stuff around there. I made a few notes about things I’d like to see. I even have a lead on the location of the 1up offices.

In any case I’m just glad that I’ll even make it into the city. I don’t know what stands in my way (in my mind) so often.

Oracle shoves MySQL’s square peg into an enterprise-y round hold

Oracle’s has a new tiered pricing model for MySQL. First on the list: InnoDB requires moving from the free “Classic” edition to the $2000/year (for up to four sockets) “Standard” edition.

Now all Oracle has to do is find a way to charge people for the privilege of dropping MySQL in favor of Postgres.


Full, non-supported releases are available as the “Community” edition.

Did MySQL have a contribution copyright assignment policy? Will Oracle be able to create a proprietary fork of MySQL, or are they bound by the terms of the GPL?

MobileOrg push by way of git

Following up from yesterday, I now have a fully automated MobileOrg environment. Simply pushing into my org file git repository provokes a post-receive hook that calls a bit of elisp:

#!/usr/bin/emacs --script

(load "~/.emacs")
(setq org-mobile-directory "~/public_html/org")

Setting org-mobile-directory in the hook allows me to keep it more generalized in .emacs (that is, via /ssh:, so I can run org-mobile-push and, especially, org-mobile-pull from a desktop.

Now, when I do a git push, I also get this (among other, more verbose logging) in my stderr:

remote: Files for mobile viewer staged