6 February 2015

I brought my Go board into work today because Jon mentioned that he was interested in learning how to play. Maybe I’ll finally get to start playing regularly. Yet one more example of how much better life is here.

Speaking of which, I spent all night dreaming about high-stress situations, only to wake up and realize that life is actually so much easier than I was dreaming. For some reason we had moved back to KAUST, and I was trying to justify it to ourselves and to our family. Meanwhile, we were apparently expecting guests for some kind of two-week visit, and I was stressing out about having scheduled activities–notably a schedule of who would be preparing food–ahead of time. Doesn’t even make sense; but I certainly felt better once I was awake.

We had a meeting scheduled with Seagate today to talk about the storage system for Saga; but they’ve just cancelled at the last minute. Quite frustrating that we weren’t told until 10 minutes before the meeting: I was feeling pretty bad this morning, and had been contemplating working from home today. Still, maybe it’s for the best: maybe it’s better that I not try to work from home. Better to communicate with Aaron, after all.

I passed Aaron some docs for Slurm, but it’s certainly not finished. Still, I also gave him links to all the source material in the existing user guide, so he has something to look at, anyway.

I need to port our notes from the bench review into the github issues, and review my flagged email in general.

At home, I want to go through all the inboxes and pay bills. Horray for the weekend.

Meanwhile, I still need to finish up that pam stack for local passwords and Google OTP.

Oh: and I need to send Thomas a picture of the chair we got!