A prayer from MLK day

Chris Hill, a member of our church, shared this prayer in the context of the then-upcoming presidential inauguration and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

In a time of self-described conservatism vs liberalism, I found it remarkably neither, but only Christian.

Father we approach you today with many gratitudes, thoughts and requests. As a community we first empty our hands of those things that do not belong to us. We lay down our worldly possessions, those things that you have loaned us. We lay down our worldly successes and failures, which do not define us. And we lay down the pride that so easily devours us and those we live around. We bring before you our weakness, and thank you for it. We understand that without it, we would not see our desperation for you.

Behold us, Father, as we Behold you. See us. Understand us. Know our Human hearts. Together, today, we want to bring before you two events that we will undoubtedly carry with us this week. We bring these before you in faith that you are worth approaching and worth glorifying. We also bring these before you recognizing that only you are Good.

As Barak Obama and his family leave the presidency, we thank you for the ways you have worked during the 8 years he has served our country. Would you bless his family as they adjust to life outside of the white house. And as Donald Trump and his family transition into the presidency, we pray with hope and expectation that you would use them to strengthen the Kingdom of Heaven. Give us the strength to bear with one another in love and patience.

As we remember the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. would you have mercy on us. Will you call us out of our complacency as middle to upper class white America to gaze across the scene and remember what’s painfully obvious and self-evident. That the person we see with a different skin color than our own is, in fact, a person. An image bearer. A jar of clay containing my blood, and your Holy Spirit. Today Father, we remember that much of what happened during the Civil Rights movement was guided and fueled by your Spirit. Thank you for gifting us a man who was able to give an ear to you and an ear to the people while persevering through an agony and persecution that few of us in this room understand. Thank you for the lives of our brothers and sisters who have fought to level our view of humanity. But if we are going to acknowledge what has been done Father, we will also acknowledge the work that still needs to be done. Would you equip those of us who are not white with hope, strength, and perseverance. Would you equip those of us who are white with ears to hear and eyes to see your children.

We believe that you, Holy Spirit, are the only one who can bring reconciliation between us and our neighbor. So we lean into you, ready to be led. Jesus, you are all and you are in all. We ask these things in your perfect name. Amen.