beat Myst V

Andi and I beat Myst V last night. It certainly wasn’t bad; but like old-man Atrus at the end, it hobbled to the series conclusion.

In fact, the ending was the worst part: so terribly over-dramatic; and, as always, Yeesha just wouldn’t shut up.

Some of the puzzles were pretty good, but because most of them centered on the use of the slates, they tended to feel samey. The abysmal interface and level of environment interactivity didn’t help matters either; virtually the entire world was static, with only puzzle elements offering any manipulatability.

Still, it was good to have some Myst to play. I might eventually even get around to the expansion ages for Uru… but that would mean playing through all of Uru again.

Maybe I’ll do Grim Fandango first.