Chrono Cross | 3 September 2010

I’m enjoying Chrono Cross quite a bit so far. The battle system is quite different from what I’m used to from a jrpg; and even though it seemed shallow at first, my first mildly difficult boss battle made me delve a bit deeper into it: the ability to take multiple actions per “turn,” as well as the ability to change the active character at will, let me use the “defend” command more than I usually do (that being ever).

I was afraid that Retronauts had spoiled a major plot point for me; but while I’m still aware of the general concept, I’m no longer certain of the details. I suppose that will leave me with a bit of surprise. (I don’t want to spoil the plot for anyone else, though, so I’ll leave it at that.)

The accents are already starting to get to me, though. Kid’s “Australian” isn’t too bad, but every time the “French” clown character comes out I can’t help but groan. I think my top request for a remake would be to subtle-down the dialog, even before upresing the rendering.