Magnatune, Braid, and Robin Stine

Someone mentioned Braid in my presence again, which threw me into yet another period of not being able to get that beautiful soundtrack out of my head. I knew that the soundtrack was licensed from a number of Magnatune artists, and that they had a soundtrack album for the game available; but they’ve added “you are listening to Magnatune” advertisement blurbs into the tracks for non-paying streamers.

Message received, Magnatune. I’ll subscribe. After all: your tagline is, “We are not evil.” How bad could that be?

Anyway: my newfound high-quality download privileges have provoked some exploration of the Magnatune catalog, where I discovered Robin Stine. She only has one album, Daydream, published, but it’s pretty good. If you like female vocalist jazz. Which I apparently do.