org-mode iPhone Agenda

I generally keep on top of my to-do list at work, thanks to my “keep everything in org-mode habit.” Since I spend all day at work in front of a computer, org-mode is always a few keys away, and it’s easy to review my agenda throughout the day and keep my lists up-to-date.

There was a time when that was true of my personal lists as well; but, for whatever reason, I don’t tend to have org-mode open at home any more. There will be times (like this instant) where I remember, and will open emacs, and will review my agendas; but, most often, that just leads to me continuing to procrastinate, given how far behind I already am.

I’m pretty sure that what I need is better access to my agenda; and my best guess for how to implement this is to have my agenda available on my iPhone.

I’ve tried to use mobile-org before, but just couldn’t integrate it into my workflow. Maybe that’s still the right thing, and I’ll eventually figure out how to do it. Until then, I want to just configure my agenda to automatically export to html on the web whenever I push to my central repo, and be able to review that whenever I’m out-and-about.