Playing pathfinder online

I want to get a play-by-post Pathfinder game going. Maybe doing it online will make it easier to play consistently. Maybe I’ll be able to get Jordan to play too.

I’ve got ideas for most of the issues that will come up in this forum. I already have a proof of concept for the actual play posts that should work pretty well, and have worked up a quick stylesheet to make the default comments interface less annoying for this use case. I figure that we can eventually archive the stream (manually at first, but automatically eventually) and possibly even keep a (collaboratively-edited, in the wiki spirit) prosaic writeup of what happened in the campaign.

(Note to self: I need to check what happens to comment numbers if previous comments are removed. If it fills in the missing numbers, that could make it difficult to archive the stream to a single point. I can think of a couple workarounds, but it’d be better if the comment numbers stayed unique within a stream.)

I need a die roller that converts die text like [[!dieroll 1d6+1]] to <span class="dieroll" title="1d6+1">5</span>, rendering like 5. That way our die rolls will be consistent and fair.

I might also want the roller to sign the roll with an encrypted key. It will need to include the date of the roll, too. Maybe “1d6+1 @ 1 January 2010 12:00 => 5”.

Or maybe it can just log the die rolls server-side.

Really, though, nothing would be standing in the way, now that the post interface is ready, of us starting, baring the creation of characters and campaign notes.

Speaking of campaign notes: I need a way to protect sections of the wiki from player eyes, probably in a /users/$user/private area or similar.