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I found a few CDs in my closet that I hadn't re-ripped yet (in my obsessive-compulsive desire to re-rip everything as 256kbps AAC). In the short stack was a burn of the P.O.A. album "Home" that Mark Eadie made for me a while back. While the disc was ripping, I decided to see if the Internet, in its near-infinite breadth, had album artwork. The first hit gave me not only album artwork, but a descriptive enough comment to get me track titles for the whole album.

Oh, and there was a comment on the page from my dad who, incidentally, is one of the performing artists on the album, and is pictured on the album cover.

Track list:

  • Not So Cheap Thrills

  • Lantern

  • Soul Brother

  • Keep on Trustin'

  • Jesus May Come Today

  • Sleeping

  • Son Rise

  • Home

  • Rock of Ages