Tech. Team weekly review for 7 August, 2017

This week at the University of Colorado Research Computing Tech. Team...

Final Deployment of HPC UPS

The HPCF UPS has been completely installed and deployed, and Summit should now be protected from upstream power irregularities by the full force of an array of lithium-ion barreries!

There's still work to do in the datacenter; but it's largely about cleaning up hot-aisle containment and finishing up power-distribution work in the north pod; neither of which should affect production for Summit.

It's been a lot of work, and the datacenter operations team and their contractors aren't quite done yet; but we shouldn't need to take any more outages. Thanks to our entire user community for their patience!

XSEDE SSO hub authentication progress

Work continues on the effort to provide access to Summit via the XSEDE SSO hub. We've successfully deployed AMIE (the XSEDE local account and accounting transaction transport), and are now working to configure a set of login nodes that would support the required GSI-SSH authentication.

The XSEDE SSO hub is expected to be the mechanism by which members of the greater RMACC community may access Summit.

PetaLibrary/2 RFP progress

We had the optional pre-bid call for the ongoing PetaLibrary/2 RFP on Friday, and saw a pleasing array of supplier engagement and some good question-and-answer. Notable results of the session will be added to the RFP solicitation as formal "question and answer" entries.