session one | Oblivion

Lion with a Jeweled Headress


"Hey kitty kitty"

After my fellow prisoner teased me and offered some rat treats I was met with a surprise. The emperor showed up blathering about some secret passage. I better follow. It may be my only chance for escape. It looks kind of creepy.

Our party was attacked and I ran for cover. The crazy emperor can fend for himself. He was fine anyway and I got this sweet cloak. The guards are jerks. If more fall maybe I can get more loot.

I've grabbed some stuff from the passage. It sure is creepy down here. And cold. the rats are huge!

I was right about the loot - but I'm al title worried about how it all got here…there have been bones and bodies. I also met a man down here. He didn't seem right. He was groaning and smelled terrible. Almost as if his very flesh was rotting away. I killed him quickly, but now I can't help but look behind me every now and then…I better drop some stuff. It's slowing me down.

I found some goblins cooking rats. Blech. How did so many get down here? I keep picking up all their rusty weapons, but I need something more suitable. The little goblins have a mage! Well, had one. I wonder what happened to the emperor?

I found the emperor again. He spoke again of gods and the mysteries of the heavens. He speaks of his own death and treats me as a trusted friend. He must be mad!

More attacks! The Emperor may not be wrong about his emending death, but I won't be part of it.

The Emperor gave me the Amulet of Kings, and then he was killed. Why would he trust me so? Even I don't trust me, but somehow I'm compelled to do as he asks. He was kind…and such an adventure is bound to be profitable. Besides, the Amulet is heavy, a strange burden. Only a fool would sell it or abandonit. Best be rid of it properly…

Finally! Fresh Air! Maybe I should fill out my provisions a bit before I do anything serious-perhaps some shopping with my new found gold. These shop keepers are suck up! They have a thing against the cheapest store in town. They've asked me to spy on him. What a silly squabble! However, there has been an offer of gold shish I might be interested in. I suppose follow the guy couldn't be too hard.

Aaaand arrested.