session three | Oblivion

I went to another local shopkeeper to sell off the plate armor I'd found. I made 80 gold! I was about to sell the sword I found as well, but upon further examination I realized it was truly a sword of rare make. Fine craftsmanship, and magical qualities were instilled in this blade! I may sell it later, but for now I shall see how it feels to use it in my own hands. I visited a few more merchants and then decided it was finally time to leave Imperial City.

Just outside the city, I used the letter I had about horse armor to earn not only armor, but also a free horse! It's an old nag and not very quick, but I'll take anything if it's free. Besides, I can always use the armor on a better horse if I decide the old nag isn't for me. I little ways down the road, I decided to stop at an inn to rest up from my grave robbing adventures. I had an awful dream about getting chased down by an Imperial soldier. All I had done was examine a worthless broom and he chased after me with his sword calling me a thief! Over a broom! I was very glad to wake up from THAT dream indeed. The next morning I talked to the Inn keeper again who convinced me to look for some rare wine for her collection. She said she'd pay me well. I always like to be paid, but I'm not sure how excited I am about searching old forts for it.

I headed out on my horse and ran across Fort Ash pretty quickly. I decided it could be interesting for a look and that I had the wine on my mind anyway, so I got out to look around. It went much deeper than I thought! Full of goblins too, and no wine that I could find. Ah well. I picked up a little gold and some more wares to sell. The stupid place was booby trapped well, and had a tricky series of gates that I had to sort out to get through. I really hadn't meant to spend much time there. I DID manage to find some jewels that might be very worth my time, so I'll cling to that.

On my way out of the fort some idiot bandits tried to hold me up! Imagine, making your living that way. I'll take gold off someone stupid enough to give it to me, but thieving is not the way. It requires so little cunning. Even pick pockets are more clever than these road side thieves. I didn't bother with them. Even my old nag out ran them without any trouble. I made it to Waynan Priory without seeing them again.

I was greeted at the Priory by a Shepherd named Eronor who pointed me to Jauffree. Jauffree was glad to see the Amulet, but told some spooky stories about what it could mean for the Empire. He seemed to think that we might be under threat from Oblivion if a new heir isn't found to relight the Dragon Fires. Oblivion! That's something I do without when I try to sleep at night. He told me about an unknown heir named Martin in another town. I certainly hope no more of the Emperors enemies know about him. I must find him quickly so that I can rest easy and get out of this foolish royal mess. Now that I'm out of prison it would be nice to be out for my own adventures and profit once more. Right now, escaping prison seems meaningless with this weight on my shoulders.

Jauffree provided me with some free armor and weaponry to help me on my way. I should think it's the least he owes me if I am taking the safety of the Empire, maybe the world, upon my shoulders. If this was planned by the Nine, I have some thoughts for the foolish gods who thought it was a good idea to use me in their plans. I guess all I can do is continue with the quest.