session nine | Oblivion

I decided to check out Fort Carmala. There are zombies nailed outside the door, so the thought of what may be inside is chillind indeed--but I'm feeling adventurous. I found a dead treasure hunter inside the door, which cannot have been a good sign. Alas, upon entering I was set up on by zombies and vampires. There were so many I could not hope to fight them off and fled.

I returned to Skingrad where I was warned about that strange fellow who wanted me to meet him behind the chapel. I also talked to many in the mage's guild about that recommendation to the University. It seems I need to look in a cave to the northwest to find the man I need.

I turned the creepy man named Glarthir down and left for Bleak Flats cave. I found the cave infested with zombies. No wonder this man has not been in town for awhile! I hate those stupid things. They are so quick and hard to take down. He's most likely been trapped in this cave for awhile now. I can't even keep track of how many I have killed.

I found Erthor hiding in a corner of the cave. I wanted to steal his things and leave, stupid man hiding in a zombie cave and not even being able to take care of himself! I doubt he could have stopped me, but I seem to have gained an aversion to such things since I've started this quest. If I get arrested, the entire world could fall down around my ears and then where would I be? I best leave thieving for after the Deadre are taken care of. For now I shall be honest in only looting abandoned things and dead men. I returned to Skingrad with Erthor and gained my recommendation. Too bad there are so many left to get.

I continued on to Imperial City. I found Baurus, who told me that someone was following him. He led me to a private store room where he was attacked by his follower! I quickly killed the man which left Baurus free to talk. He directed me to the Arcane University to talk to Far- Meena about the Mystic Dawn cult. She told me to find more of the books about the cult (I had taken the first edition off the man I had killed). I went to the bookstore in town. The shop keeper told me they had the book, but that it had been promised to another. When that man showed up to claim the book, I followed him quietly out of the store. Unfortunately, he became aware of me; however, that did not damage my intimidation skills at all.

Gwinas gave up the book as soon as I told him the cult was behind the murder of the Emperor. I went back to to Baurus who led me to the secret meeting Gwinas had set up with the cult. After a long trek through sewers and killing a whole host of vermin and several goblins, we came to the place. I promised Baurus I would see him out alive, but he did not seem so certain.

I hid around a corner to watch the cult members show up, but they came from an unexpected place! Seeing that I would be quickly discovered, I took a shot at the leader and a skirmish began. Baurus and I managed to kill the cult members with both of our necks intact, but the battle was fierce. I can see why Baurus had been worried for his life as he took the worst of it. I found the 4th book and Baurus ran off without so much as a thank you. It was strange, after the way I had saved him... I made my way out of the sewers and back into the light of the Emperial City.