clusterbank migrates to civilfritz

Way back when I worked at Argonne I developed a little program called clusterbank that we used to manage resource allocations. Now that I’m at KAUST, we need the same thing again, so I’ve drudged the code up from the depths of one of my hard drives. (It was actually pretty nasty, and I’m lucky to have found as recent a copy as I did: the first copy that I tried to use had corruption that made “git fsck” fail.)

Anyway, I’m going to have to do a bit of coding to make it work at KAUST (surprise! it didn’t just work out-of-the box) so I’ve migrated the most recent branch that I could find to civilfritz, its new canonical home.

I was told that any code developed on DOE time has to be open-sourced with a permissive license (e.g., BSD). I don’t know what I should have actually done to make that happen at ANL, but I’m sure no one will complain if I just stick the BSD license on the code and call it good for now.