description of Shaheen from the WatsonLinux decommissioning

I just sent out the word that WatsonLinux is being decommissioned, and managed a relatively good sales pitch for Shaheen in the process. For those of you who wonder what I do…

Shaheen is powered by a 16-rack (65536-core) IBM Blue Gene/P system and a 96-(soon 128-)node IBM System x cluster. It currently ranks at #18 on the TOP500 list 1 of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, and remains the most powerful supercomputer in the middle east, capable of 222.82 teraflops peak (190.90 sustained).

Built with the environment in mind, Shaheen ranks #9 on the TOP Green500 list 2, providing 378.77 megaflops per watt.

If you are interested in using Shaheen in your research, contact our support desk at