session ten | Oblivion

Fort Blueblood.

I have gone seeking after an amulet for the Leyawinn Recommendation for the Mage's guild. For Blueblood was full of Marauders and Mage's guarding the place. I am tired to continue on these annoying quests, but I hope that my goal will be well worth it. I found some chests of gold and fought off the inhabitants as I could.

Eventually I found that the body and Amulet I sought were guarded by a Mage angry with the leader at Lewalwinn. He wished merely to hide it from her in order to unseat her. How ridiculously petty and annoying. I am not sure why I should make a better Mage by completely tasks such as these for these people. At least the tasks are easy, if trivial and time wasting.

Now back to Dagail with her father's Amulet.

Dagail was very happy to receive the Amulet and to see an end to her visions. Yay for her, I suppose. One more recommendation is mine. On to the next banal quest for these useless people. I hope that becoming a mage does not make everyone so annoyingly trivial.

I sold off the Dwarven Armor which I had found in the Fort. I got a very nice price for it. I feel slightly mollified at that waste of time. I also went on to sell my other items and purchase.

I have reached the guild hall in Cheydenhall. I have been sent to retrieve a ring from a well behind the place. It is as if they had heard me complaining and decided to make their requests even more demanding and annoying. The guild leader is quite terse and seems to think this task is difficult. He probably threw zombies in the well or some such. This should be interesting, or at the very least, time wasting.

The ring was merely a trap to lure me into drowning in the well. It was a good thing that I had my magical water breathing necklace. I had to unburden myself of some of my things before I could pick up the amazingly heavy thing, but I managed it. Falcar, however, the good for nothing that assigned me the task has escaped without helping me as he said he might. I must either find a recommendation he left behind or seek the man himself to force his hand.

It seems that Deetre or whatever the woman's name is who ousted Falcar, is willing to write my recommendation herself. Upon finding black soul gems in the man's room and reporting to her, I was able to receive this promise and the assurance that it would be what I needed.

After I left the mage's guild, I found a man who's brother I had met awhile back. He rejoiced, not knowing that his brother was alive at all. He invited me to Chorrol to celebrate, and I intend to go and see if their is some sort of reward for supplying this information.

I went to Bruma. I found a woman there who sent me to quest after her and her lovers gold hoard. She wants me to get the location from him in jail and then reveal it to her. HA! More like get the location and never set foot near her again. Ah, gold.

Got the gold gold the gold! A guard in the jail double crossed everyone and killed off the woman for me. As both of the couple are out of the way, and a guard did all the evil I was free to help myself to the loot with no guilt or trouble. If only it had been more than a measly 40 coin.

Fjotreid in Bruma has an 81 point disposition with me. It is a good place to sell my goods.

On to the Bravil Mage's guild. I hope I shall not have to do to many more of these quests…I had to restore a staff that a lovestruck mage stole from his woman, blah blah blah. I Beguiled the man who bought it in Imperial city and bought it back. I hate that I gave up 200 good gold for this. This recommendation had really better be worth it now.

Now I'm helping the Mage Guild leader find a friend. Why do I do these things? He is trapped in a dream world and I must release him. What is the solution? It seems I most join him in the dreamworld. I am not sure why his friend could not do it, but this task is at least, interesting.

I got the man out of his dream. Blech, barely a reward. On to Arcane University!