session eleven | Oblivion

Nov. 13

I'm going to get wood for my mage's staff. It seems I have to go to a wood on the far side of Imperial City if I'm to obtain it. REally, these mages don't seem to have any trouble making everything into long and laborious tasks. I hope it shall be worth it.

On my way I discovered an invisible town with residents asking me to fix their problem for them. Of course. I suppose I shall return if I find I have nothing better to do.

I arrived at the cave for mage's staffs to discover the person I needed to find was dead and a necromancer in his place. I don't even know why I was surprised. No one in this place ever seems to have much of a handle on things. I found the man I needed dead, and also an unfinished staff. I guess there's nothing to do but take my news back to the University.

I took my staff back to the University and got a new fangled one which shoots fire! At least some usefulness has come of all this. I also sold off some more gear. I do wish there was a faster way to make money in this stupid country for someone like me who really doesn't have much time to settle down into anything in particular.