session five | Oblivion

I have decided to head to Kvatch to continue with my most important quest. I seem to be side tracked very easily. This could not have been illustrated any more clearly to me than in a cave I found on the WAY to Kvatch. The spoils were quite good, but the creatures inside were almost not worth the trouble. I believe the cave is known as the Wind Cave. It was absolutely crawling with Imps! Fearsome little creatures. I got into such a tizzy trying to rid the cave of them that they had me horribly exhausted and bleeding beyond a state I should have let myself get into in such a cave. Clean forgot about my healing potions! Oh well, I made off with some money and jewels and left. I also got some very nice new magical clothing which I believe will come in handy.

I left the cave and scouted across the wilderness trying to work on my potions ingredients store. I thought it would be a quiet trip, but no less than 3 bears pursued me in one afternoon! Not long after, I found a farmer who said the bears had been terrorizing his flock. He offered mea reward to kill at least 3 more and present him with evidence. I did that and more. Stupid things. Even after I'd killed six 2 or 3 more sill managed to find me. If I didn't thin the bear population enough after that, there's no hope because they are magical bears sprouting from the fields like daisies and will soon over run us all. Stupid beasts. The farmer only gave me a book, but I suppose knowledge is power and it wasn't much trouble at that. Blasted beasts were hunting me anyway.

I went on and found all sorts of ruins in the country side. Also, a few alters that gave me a sort of chilled, but good feeling. I stopped and prayed. I don't know if anyone was listening, but I guess it couldn't hurt and any extra aid, even the possibility of it, is appreciated. After a stretch of peace, I happened upon a large ruin of a chapel. It looked to be the sort of place that could hold some real value, so I thought I'd explore it a bit. I found some goblins outside frying fish. People in this part of the country call them "bitter-fish goblins." They smelled it too. I dispatched them without too much trouble and took some small trinkets from their stores. Then I went to explore the building beneath the ruins. Nothing could have convinced me to give up treasure hunting for awhile more effectively than what I found. ZOMBIES! I whole horde! It was awful! I always thought zombies would be hulking and slow, but these were lightening fast and stronger than anything I had encountered before them. I turned around and ran as fast as I could. I shook most of them off, but one followed me! It took forever to kill and hurt me something awful. I will have revenge one day! But for now, I think I shall leave the zombies to adventurers stronger than I.

I continued on to the plateaued city of Kvatch. Just down the main road leading up to the city, I found a man nearly out of his mind in terror! He grabbed me and told me of a terrifying tale of gateways opening into Oblivion. OBLIVION! It gave me shivers just thinking about the possibilities. Apparently there are already those who would stop Martin from reaching the throne. I was hoping it had not been discovered so soon. I ran up the road to find more frightened refugees, and at the top a smoldering window into Oblivion itself! Soldiers were doing everything they could to kill anything coming out, but the troops looked ragged and exhausted. In a moment of insanity I agreed to go into the portal to look for lost soldiers and to close the gate. I don't know what possessed me...

Inside, I found one lone soldier and a pit of hell every bit as bad as anything I'd ever imagined. The soldier agreed to help me as we were set upon by the devilish creatures within. The Daedre themselves were more frightening still! Huge beasts with bows and war hammers. It was a blessing to find out that my cold touch had particular effect on them. I don't know what I would have done otherwise. I spent most of my arrows getting through that nightmare and I feared my magic and sword skills would not be enough. At one point, I faced so many enemies that I jumped from a bridge to a small ledge over a terrifying height jut to get away. It was madness! I should have died! Remarkably, the stupid creatures tried to follow me and fell to the terrifying depths below. It was a miracle. I could never have defeated them all. Unfortunately, I lost the soldier who followed me (who I think also fell) and was unable to lead anyone out. But, I did close the gate. I more heroic feat I have never attempted. I can't believe I did it. I tried to take some of the fearsome weapons and armor I found on the Daedre within, but they were far too heavy. I did however, bring some of their hearts. A gruesome thing, but they must be invaluable in potions. Right?

The soldiers were glad to see my victory and led me to fight any straggling enemies in the city... I don't know how much help I'll be with so few arrows. I'll look to the cold touch again.