session four | Oblivion

I headed toward Battlehorn castle where I assisted in defense from a pack of marauding bandits. For my troubles, I was given ownership of the fortification. How troubled must these people be, that they would turn their livelihood over to me for so small a thing? Of course, ownership comes not as a boon, but as an implied responsibility: now they expect me to restore this heap to its alleged once greatness, all by the weight of my own coin. And for what? To provide a cushy home for men that couldn't even defend themselves in battle?

And to top it all off, my horse rode off (taking my new armor with it) during the fight.

I spent some time examining my acquisition, but nothing changed my first impression. There is a blacksmith here, but he presumes to still charge for his services? Are his rates even any better than those in the market?

Back on foot once again, I headed back to Chorral to unload some of the spoils of the conflict on the market. On the way, I discovered a fallen mage in the road, his horse standing by the presumably fresh kill. He had a tome on him... a spell called "burdening touch" seemed interesting enough... but not much else. Typical enough for a mage, I suppose. The guard at Chorral didn't take too kindly to me riding into town on the mage's horse, though. The way I see it, he didn't need it any longer; but I still find little use arguing with the soldiers: they have their uses, too.

Rumors throughout the town seemed to be centered on this woman named Bruiant. I tracked her down, but her demeanor didn't mesh well with mine. By the end of it, it took some coin for her to quiet down. No matter: I don't see what all the fuss was about.

Twice robbed of my horse, I checked at the stables to see what was available; but all available were far beyond my means. I wonder if they'll take a money pit of a castle in trade?

Back in Weynon Priory, Brother Piner gave me a copy of "The warp in the West" and told me of the close relationship between his order and the Blades. Mundane stuff, really: it's not as though this wasn't already apparent.

By his father's request, I met up with Rallus Odiil to defend their settlement from marauding goblins or some other such monster. Though they fought valiantly, the brothers fell in battle: I alone survived to bring the news of the fight to their father. Valius took the news hard, and left to prepare for his sons' burial.