session six | Oblivion

I was almost out of arrows as we entered Kvatch; but there was no time to resupply: it's time to drive out the stragglers! I downed a few potions to recover from my brief delve into Oblivion, while we ran up the hill.

We prevailed against initial forces, besting a few scamps and a daedre. Savlian Matius led us into the chapel to search for survivors; hopefully also the heir.

Amidst the few huddled survivors I found brother Martin. I pulled him aside and tried to explain the situation, but he was noticeably shaken by recent events, and mostly heard a vague indication that the horror that had befallen him and his might be on his account. Before he knew what was happening, I'm sure, I had dragged him behind me, and headed out the door toward Weynon Priory.

Martius stopped me before I left, requesting further aid in retaking Kvatch; but how could I drop this task with Martius at my side? Not when I was so close to putting this whole mess behind me. No: I must head to the Priory.

On the way down the hill, we met a patrolman heading our way. I didn't dare to share with him the real purpose of our journey, but he had already heard of me time spent in Oblivion: how I had close the gate at Kvatch. He stayed with us for a time, and for once, I was glad of the presence of the guard. If only he knew that he may be escorting the future emperor... but no: we cannot risk exposure at this stage.

On the journey, Martin displayed considerable proficiency through a few minor skirmishes with beasts and the like. Nothing too threatening, but it was enough to redeem his display in Kvatch. I suppose the gates of Oblivion opening into your home would disturb most: he should not be judged on that alone.

Ernor met us on the road to Weynon Priory to inform us of an attack that was underway! Though the incumbents appeared as heavily armored soldiers, as they were struck down (as they were wont to do under our force) their armor and weapons vanished, revealing more of the same men that I had fought with the emperor!

We found Jaufree in the chapel, fighting of a band of assassins that had surrounded him. He led us to a safe house where he had stored the amulet of kings; but it had been stolen!

The Priory was no longer safe: we took mounts (I that of the fallen Prior Maborel) and headed to Cloud ruler Temple, where Jaufree hoped Martin might be safe.