session seven | Oblivion

We headed into Bruma with very little incident. Thank the 9. I thought for sure we'd be set upon again by something or other. Nothing has gone particularly smooth up to this point. In Bruma I stopped to sleep a bit and do some errands. I joined the mage's guild and learned of opportunities to join the Arcane University with the proper recommendation. I will have to visit every mage's guild in the country an do various tasks, but it might just be worth it.

I didn't dally long in Bruma as I was eager to drop off Martin and Jaufree. I felt so exposed with them tagging behind me. All of Oblivion would see them dead! The Blades were eager to receive us, and to receive Martin as their new Emperor. Martin himself seemed rather uncomfortable with the situation, but tried his best. I think he will except what has been thrust upon him, but he definitely hasn't had royal upbringing. He gave a simple, albeit awkwardly phrased, speech to the men. I think he will grow into it. I spoke to him after and he hinted at a somewhat dark past, but what is that to me? I carry my own secrets and yet I defend the entire Empire and carry their safety on my shoulders. I do not know if I will complete the task, but there is honor in that.

Jaufree invited me to join the Blades, but I have put him off for now. Maybe another day. For now, I have all the burdens I can handle. I decided to seek out nearby Frostcrag Spire for respite and peace before I move on to my next task. I think I may also try my hand at some alchemy. I stayed at Olav's for the night to rest and seek wisdom on all that has transpired.

The next morning I rode to Frostcrag. My horse is amazingly adept at finding ways up sheer cliffs! He climbs places when I think he should be tumbling straight down to his death! It was terrifying, but a very useful talent to have in a horse. Frostcrag Spire itself was a treasure! It is the perfect place for any mage. I should definitely work to advance my craft! The garden is quite extensive and I have managed to gather a rare root called Nirnroot. I should inquire more about it with alchemists. I warped from Frostcrag spire to the Imperial City. Upon asking their alchemist, I was directed to Skingrad about the Nirnroot. Afterwards, I decided to wander from the city for some adventuring.

I found a small ruin infested with Skeletons and full of Welkynd Stones. The skeletons were easy to kill and the stones very valuable indeed. It was a good find. I wandered from there to another ruin guarded by mages and the same sorts of creatures that the Diedre use. I decided they must be hiding something sinister, and possibly things of value. I think the Sorcerer's themselves were in fact participating in some sort of Diedre worship. The books and items they kept made my skin crawl. I managed to kill a slew of them, all untrustworthy folk and more of those creatures. I found many items of sorcery as I expected and items for potion making. I also wandered across a poor dead treasure hunter. I hoped that it was the sorcerer's I had killed who killed him, and hastened from the cave. I did a little underground swimming, but felt nervous the entire time. Something didn't feel right there.

I left the ruins, relieved to be in daylight, and went on to Skingrad. I inquired about the price of housing, but was turned away. People seem to be protective of their realestate in this town. I inquired about Nirnroot and was asked to collect 9 more samples in order to make an explorer's elixer of sorts. I shall think on it. It may be worth my right. I visited to Mage's guild for recommendation and was given more petty tasks. This recommendation is silly and based on the laziness of the local mages!

I sold many of my goods in town and did my best haggling. I shall have to try to get better yet. I moved on to Battle horn Castle to lighten my load and leave many of the valuables I have found on my journey. It is getting to be too heavy and I need to make room for new finds!